Friday, August 14, 2009

On Target

To finish this baby quilt for the shower next Saturday. I went over to my sewing buddy's house today to use her Bernina - it has that wonderful serpentine stitch. The quilting was done in no time. Unfortunately, I left my beeswax and hand sewing stuff over at her house. I always seem to leave something behind. It may have something to do with a couple glasses of Chenin Blanc... While I love my old Pfaff, it does not do a serpentine stitch, so I decided that I need to start experimenting with free motion quilting. I putzed around for about an hour and a half and was able to do some marginally respectable small loops and stars, but I really need a flat surface to sew on if I'm going to take this anywhere.

I normally sew at the dining room table because I can look out at the back yard - it's a really nice view. However, the sewing machine is up on top of the table so there's a lot of drag when I try to quilt anything bigger that a small baby quilt. I'd like to get a sewing table, but the ones I like are too expensive and then I'll have to put it in a bedroom and sew in there. I have two spare bedrooms and could turn either one of them into a sewing room, but I don't know if I'd enjoy being in either one of them for long periods of time - neither one has a really nice view. My youngest daughter's room only has one window, so it would be too dark. My other daughter's room is a really nice size and has two windows -it may be a possibility someday if I decide to do something.

Tomorrow morning I'm picking up the Angel Houses quilt. I'm anxious to see how it looks now that it's quilted.


  1. SUPER BIEN!!!!!!

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  2. My Viking has that serpentine stitch, I love it and it's one I use again and again. I tell ya, you did way better on your free motion than I ever did! I know what you mean about the drag though.
    I'm in a bedroom myself with no view - I hang quilts, lol. No view might be why I spend so much time at the computer!