Sunday, August 2, 2009

New and Improved

I've been noticing all the really cute blogs out there, so this morning I went on a hunt for a nice template that is somewhat beachy looking. So, what do you think? I don't think it shows up unless the window is maximized - hmmmm. I also made up the second pillow case to go with the Angel Houses quilt for Em. This one is mostly pink with blue piping and yellow with small white polka dot trim. I thought that two pillowcases are better than one - especially where toddlers are concerned.

I'm making another baby quilt for a shower in late in August (another baby boy on the way). So while I was picking up Funky Stripes and dropping off Angel Houses to be quilted, I did some browsing around and found this fabric with all sorts of adorable bugs. I might go ahead and do another Warm Wishes quilt with these.

I hope everyone is enjoying a nice, peaceful Sunday. Don't forget to leave a comment on Mama Spark's blog to enter in the Bunny Hill Designs $50 giveaway.

5:30 p.m.
I just went outside to put a little water on my basil plant - it is just gorgeous outside (in the shade). Nice onshore breeze and not at all humid which is unusual this time of year. In any case, I looked over and noticed that my Dad's orchid is blooming. My mother and I found this orchid outside my parents' house a couple of years after my father passed away in 1988. The plant was under a big oak tree and had been grown over by ferns. Since my father was very ill the last couple years he was alive, we figured it was at least two or three years old when we found it. In any case, it blooms a couple of times a year and has the sweetest fragrance first thing in the morning when it is most humid out. It's over 20 years old and I've started a new plant from a part of it that I separated. It's like a little reminder of my Dad and a really nice one at that. I've tried to figure out what kind it is, but there are zillions of hybrids and this one appears to be a Cattleya hybrid of some sort.
I also have several other orchids hanging under the oak tree such as the purple dendrobium pictured at the top of my blog and a white one that is also blooming right now. They are wonderful flowers because the blooms last for several weeks and they require almost no care in this climate other than to be brought in if the temps get below about 40 degrees.


  1. I love it! Of course anything beachy is good in my book, lol!

    Darling pillowcase, and cute fabric - perfect for a boy!

  2. Very nice background. Now for the water to go with it ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Love you beachy background. But then again I love anything Florida :-)