Saturday, August 8, 2009

Funky Stripes is all done

I finished sewing the binding on Funky Stripes, so I'll take a picture tomorrow. I started working on another beach baby quilt for a shower on the 22nd - got the center pieced and the inner borders on. Not bad considering I didn't start until after 2:00 pm. This one worked out much better than the last one in that I finally figured out how not to wind up with the same charms next to each other. It's a neat pattern called Baby Charms by Straight to the Point. The pattern has you put the blocks on point in the craziest (and easiest) way without having to cut setting triangles and with no waste. You sew a rectangle that is 6 charms wide and 12 long. Then you cut diagonally across from each end to the center on the opposite side of the rectangle. You wind up with a big triangle and two small ones. You sew the two small ones together to make another big triangle and then sew the two big triangles together. *Poof* the charms are on point. The backing for this one will be some psychedelic looking seahorse fabric (not quite as tame as the last one with the fish fabric).

One point that I forgot to mention that may make some "on point purists" cringe though...since your setting triangles are created when you cut across the rectangle diagonally, you will sew across the points of all the charms along the outer edge because you do not have the extra 1/4" that you would if you put the charms on point the traditional way. The way I look at it though, the babies don't care about that :o)

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful method. I've never been brave enough to try blocks on point. I LOVE that backing fabric!