Saturday, July 25, 2009

In the mood to cut - fabric, of course!

Last night I was in a cutting mood, but I didn't want to cut out the Mini Miranda Bag. Instead, I hauled out the Angel Houses fabric and ironed and cut all the pieces except the borders of course. I want to make this quilt for Miss Em for Christmas this year. My quilting buddy came over for a visit and while I was ironing and cutting, she finished sewing the binding on another very cute baby quilt. I sewed some of the pieced blocks together this morning, but I've got to go vaccum, mop the floors, do a little laundry, and go to the store for all sorts of stuff so it's time for a sewing break. I hope everyone is having a fabulous Saturday :o)


  1. My you're productive! Those blocks look great!

  2. Your blog is great, love the baby quilts that you have made.