Friday, July 24, 2009

Finished Quilt and some new flannels

I finished sewing the binding on the baby quilt yesterday, so it will be off to the shower tomorrow. It was quilted in a loopy meaner using bright yellow thread. I found the cutest fabric for binding or borders, so naturally, I bought the rest of the bolt. I used it for binding on this quilt, but since the quilt is so wild, it blended right in. It is a series of wild print wavy stripes and snakes, iguanas, bugs of all sorts on a green background.

I also broke down and bought a scrap bag of juvenile print 1/4 yard cuts from Keepsake Quilting (I had a coupon for free shipping which made it worthwhile). I needed some more flannels to mix in with Em's flannel receiving blankets that I'm planning on using to make a raggy flannel quilt for her. The prints are really cute.

The Funky Stripes quilt is ready to be picked up from the quilter and so that's my goal for next weekend, to pick it up and get it bound so it's ready to be sent off to CT in the fall. I'm a little anxious about how it is going to look because I am usually very conservative with the thread I pick for quilting quilts to be given to adults (normally, it's ecru cotton). This time I went with a coral red - but I think the quilt is dark enough and has so much coral red in it that it will be fine - I hope - egads!

Now, for the secret project I was working on...

My best friend brought me a honey bun package with 2 10-strip honeybuns from Paducah. It came with instructions for making a nice little bag, so I used the Aviary honey bun to make one for her birthday earlier this week. Then I got a couple of Aviary charm packs and put them inside. Most of the pictures I took of the bag aren't wonderful, but here is the best one. I used some double-sided light pink satin ribbon to tie a bow around it (but forgot to take a picture of course).

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  1. That quilt is wonderful - I love the fabric you used for the binding! And the flannels are great. Can't wait to see the Funky Strips quilt all done!

    That little bag is darling as well!