Friday, July 31, 2009

26 Little Sashing Strips All in a Row

I just love off Fridays. I usually run around and get my chores done Thursday night and Friday morning. However, last night I needed to sew, so I sewed half of the Angel Houses strips together (and threw a couple loads of clothes in while I was at it). This morning I decided to tackle the girls' bathroom. It has been severly neglected since they have left home and since it doesn't have any windows in it, the grout in the bath gets mildewy (yucko!). I've been thinking about getting one of those small tube skylights put in, but I need to investigate them further because I don't know how they are rated for handling hurricane debris. In any case, I nearly asphyxiated myself with the bleach. I got the caulk and all the grout lines done on two of the walls, but my throat and eyes were burning, so the other wall will have to wait until tomorrow or later on today. I turned on the exhaust fan before I started and cranked down the a/c so plenty of air would circulate, but it was still too much. My daughter stopped by a little while ago and said that it smells like an over chlorinated pool in here - oh well. So, I started sewing the sashing strips together after lunch and I have to tell you how much I love strip piecing! The sashing strips almost look like a neat little line of fish that I've caught, don't they? Now, I just have to snip them apart and sew them into strips.


  1. like your blog


  2. I hate using bleach! It seems to get in my nose and won't leave for days. Can you get one of those push-button things that spray the whole area? I can't remember what they're called.
    Love your strips all lined up - can't wait to see it finished!