Friday, June 19, 2009

More Scrappy Trip Blocks

Okay - here's an update - I finished the additional eight blocks and I think I'm happy with this layout. I always have to take a picture and marinate for awhile until I'm sure that I'm completely satisfied before I sew them all together. I still need to press the blocks, but I'll wait until the sun goes down - I just can't bear the thought of standing over a hot iron right now. The a/c has been running all day long *big heavy sigh* The free pattern is available at Quiltville under her free pattern section. There are scores of great scrap quilt patterns on her site.
Last night I sewed another eight 6-strip tubes and cut them into 2.5" strips, so over this coming weekend my goal is to put together 8 more scrappy trip blocks. I'm really liking this - it's putting a dent (albeit a small dent) in my huge amount of scraps. Also, summer has really arrived here in FL - it's too darn hot for me to be outside. I'm still a New Hampshire girl at heart and am miserable all summer long down here. This is where I belong (it's the coast of ME in case you couldn't tell)

Someday, I'm going to make a concerted effort to organize my scraps. I'd love to iron it all and figure out a good way to store it by color. Allie just posted that she found a chest of drawers at a yard sale to store fabric in - it's a great idea. I found an armoire some time ago that is in my bedroom. I really don't like it in there because it takes up a lot of space visually. I'm thinking that someday when I get a 'real' sewing room, I'll put it in there and use it for storing fabric - it would hold a ton of it. Well, happy sewing everyone...


  1. I did something similar once called scrappy bargello. I had the pattern off the internet----cottonreel

  2. Still looking for the Window Christmas Tree?
    I found this site after I found the other one:
    The quilt pattern is called Christmas Windows
    by Bob Coon

  3. I LOVE that quilt. Love it. I can't imagine though, trying to quilt in FL right now. I thought it was hot here in MI, lol! All I'm doing is laying around reading, squirting myself with the spray bottle I use for ironing, and reading. Too hot to move, let alone handle fabric. No a/c here yet....

    I've got scraps I've had for 10 years, and I'm giving them to a sewing friend. I'm so sick of looking at them! I'm on a fabric diet at the moment, lol. No more - the dresser is packed!