Sunday, June 28, 2009

Holy Cow! This thing is really quick and easy. NOT!

The part that is taking me the longest is placing the blocks, which is normal for me. I've decided that my commitment issues extend into quilting too *sigh*. I can't believe that I just sewed the strips together last night and I've already got all the blocks done. The pattern has you cut your strips into four triangles which then are flipped and sewn together to make two blocks as shown in my previous post. The whole thing has only taken a few hours... I'll have to fiddle around with this for a little bit longer and then take a picture of it when I think it's the way I want it. I find that taking a picture and then getting away from the quilt for awhile and then taking a look at the picture later on provides a fresh perspective and helps me spot things that need to be changed.

Update - 4:00 pm Ummm...Silly me - let's rethink the really easy part, okay? I decided to sew some of the strips and join them together. It is a real bear to try and match up the vertical stripes - I'm not having much luck. I've probably ripped out as much as I've sewn. There's also a ton of fabric at the corners when I'm sewing the strips together and the blocks are on the bias so I've got to be careful not to stretch them - yuck! I'm stepping away from this for now. Thankfully it's only a large-ish lap size.

Update to the previous update - 4:30 pm Okaaay. I just noticed a blurb in the instructions. "When the moon and stars are in perfect alignment, all the intersections of the stripes and prints will perfectly match when assembling blocks! Careful cutting and accurate quarter-inch seam allowances will match most stripes between blocks." In other words, if you are a perfectionist, don't even think about attempting this pattern.


  1. Sheesh, I wouldn't even attempt it, but I'm a chicken, lol! That is going to be awesome. Placing the blocks take me a long time too, and like you, I have to take a pic and walk away. I make awful mistakes when I don't.

  2. Well it looks fantastic even if it is driving you mad.