Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can anyone help me find this pattern?

I saw this quilt in a quilt shop, and would like to make it. The problem is that nobody in the quilt shop knows what the name of the pattern was or where it came from. Please, please - if you can, ask all your quilting friends. I have tried web searches, but have not yet been able to come up with anything. I suspect it may be an older pattern (?).


  1. Hello,
    I remember one quilt similar in one my magazines, (we moved and now it's difficult to find it).
    I think you can draw it, its easy. First you draw the tree and then the windows. Try it.
    If i can find the magazine i will scan it and send it to you.
    Have a nice day

  2. I remember seeing it in Keepsake catalog a few years ago, maybe they can help you.

  3. Perhaps you could contact this site and see if they know more about the quilt pattern.
    There are several photos of what looks like the same quilt you are looking for that they call Christmas Tree. Good luck!