Sunday, April 26, 2009

Taking Stock

This morning I decided to go through my three drawers of planned projects and this is what I uncovered! Oh my goodness! This is only three small drawers and doesn't include the stacks of fabric that are stashed all over the place... So, I decided to prioritize my top five projects and publish the list. I know that I will need help adhering to my list, so feel free to keep me honest via comments. Last night I finished sewing all the Roman Holiday squares into strips - 25 strips all together (well, technically 23 - 2 of them consist of one square). I wanted to start pressing the seams, but decided that at 12:30 a.m. it was too late to start that. I hope that perhaps I'll get to it sometime today. I'm going to need to start Emily's birthday suit for her birthday in July. I don't make clothing very often, but I found really cute cotton fabric with cupcakes, balloons, ice cream, etc. and thought that it would make the perfect outfit for her 2nd birthday.


  1. What a cute idea to make a birthday suit! Who makes the fabric? It's darling.


  2. I found the fabric awhile back - it is from The Kari Pearson Signature Collection for Quilting Treasures. I'm excited to start working on the outfit. It should be nice a cool for Emily's birthday in July.